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May 07, 2016· Idea of building the world's most creative - Staggering with construction skills of talented workers - Duration: 11:15. Home Building Art 6,976,096 views

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A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensates and non-condensable gases with a negligible consumption or loss of live steam.Most steam traps are nothing more than automatic valves.They open, close or modulate automatically. The three important functions of steam traps are:


YARWAY PROCESS THERMODYNAMIC STEAM TRAPS SERIES C-250 AND C-260 HIGH PRESSURE TRAPS (VARIABLE ORIFICE) CONDENSATE CAPACITY NEAR STEAM TEMPERATURE (FOR STEAM TRAP SIZING) The Yarway high pressure integral strainer trap is designed with Quick Change Trim (QCT) using the proven variable orifice (piston) internals.

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Thermodynamic Steam Traps. Thermodynamic steam traps have a unique operating principle which relies on the dynamics of water and flash steam. They are simple, robust and reliable and can operate up to very high temperatures and pressures. Their construction, use and benefits are detailed here. Considerations for Selecting Steam Traps

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Steam Traps 101 A Practical Guide to Implementing Effective Steam Trap Maintenance Programs to Reduce Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 5b995c-MDk2O

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Steam traps and their types 1. STEAM TRAPS 1 2. Definition Steam trap is a type of automatic valve that filters out condensate (i.e. condensed steam) and non-condensable gases such as air without letting steam …

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Thermodynamics type Mechanical type Thermostatic type Steam transport pipe, Heat exchanger, Air-heater, Process heater Steam transport pipe, Radiator for heating ... Be sure to install a steam trap at a place where maintenance and inspections can be implemented.

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Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps Series 40 and 40D The Series 40 and 40D is designed for use in industrial process applications for pressures up to 600 psi and condensate loads to 80,000 lb/hr.

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Popular traps in these categories includes the float steam trap, the thermostatic steam trap, the inverted bucket steam trap and the thermodynamic disc steam trap. Which one is preferred depends on the application. A steam trap prime missions is to remove condensate and air preventing escape of live ...

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Steam Traps 101. Thermodynamic Steam Traps. The function of thermodynamic steam traps is based upon the fact that low density steam will exist above higher density condensate when both fluids are in a common container. Two common thermodynamic steam traps are: Disc Type Steam Trap. Orifice Type Steam Trap

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Type HPTD & VTS thermodynamic steam traps Overview. Category: Steam traps Product line: Thermodynamic steam traps. Size range(s) NPS 3/8 - 1 (DN 10 - 25) Pressure rating ASME class 600/900 PMO up to 1000 psi Standard connections Socket weld, …

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Since air –like steam –moves much faster than water; thermodynamic disc traps tend to close in the presence of air and are generally not suited for venting large amounts of air. (Thermodynamic piston traps can vent some air, but they can also bleed steam).

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Thermodynamic Steam Traps are best suited for steam main distribution drainage and steam tracing applications. They operate by using velocity to open and close a valve, which in this case is a …

Yarway Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Yarway Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps Yarway Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps Designed for a variety of high pressure and high capacity applications found in utility, industrial and marine service. Series 40/40D AND C250/260. Features. Designed to fail open; Designed for superheat steam ...

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Jun 25, 2015· This video explains how a Thermodynamic Steam Trap works.

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The BPT13 is a readily maintainable brass bodied, balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap. The standard trap is designated BPT13A and has angled connections. This download includes all available size and material variations for the Spirax Sarco BPT13 Thermodynamic Steam Traps.

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TLV's thermodynamic steam traps are all disc-type traps, which allow less steam leakage and have fewer problems with scale and build-up of dirt. Application Areas. Suitable for a variety of applications, such a steam main lines, tracers, steam heating equipment, etc. Follow Us.

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Steam Traps. Function and Types. Purpose. Steam traps exist to discharge air and condensate while not permitting the escape of live steam Their goal is to 'purify' the steam of excess air and water (condensate) to : Slideshow 5326082 by vidor

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If the trap opens too frequently, perhaps due to a cold, wet, and windy location, the rate of opening can be slowed by simply fitting an insulating cover onto the top of the trap. Advantages of the thermodynamic steam trap. Thermodynamic traps can operate across their entire working range without any adjustment or change of internals.

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Spirax-Sarco model TD42H thermodynamic steam trap, less blowdown, with a 1/2" NPT connection for service up to 600 psi. TD42 steam traps cycle periodically to discharge condensate very near to steam temperature. They are unaffected by waterhammer or superheat.

How Disc Traps Work: A Look at their Mechanism and Merits

How Disc Traps Work: A Look at their Mechanism and Merits. Contents: Thermodynamic type steam traps are valued for their compact size and versatility over a wide pressure range. They can have a simple construction, and operate in either horizontal or vertical positions. These characteristics make thermodynamic steam traps a favored choice for a ...


Essentially, a thermodynamic steam trap is a time cycle device which responds to imbalances of pressure applied to a valving device, usually a disc. Figure 9: Pressure caused by air or condensate lifts the disc permitting flow through the trap. Figure 10: When steam arrives at the

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STEAM TRAPS The end GROUP MEMBERS 06-CHEM-63 06-CHEM-62 06-CHEM-90 06-CHEM-100 STEAM TRAPS ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 3d09ef-MjkyN


Steam traps in high pressure steam drip service shall preferably be inverted bucket style mechanical traps. Steam traps provided for steam turbine inlet drip service shall be a thermodynamic piston type trap. A commonly accepted practice is to use float & thermostatic (F&T) steam traps for low pressure steam systems up to 30 PSIG, and ...

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Yarway Yarway Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps Designed for a variety of high pressure and high capacity applications found in utility, industrial and marine service P000372 ...

Thermodynamic Trap: Kinetic Energy Operated Steam Trap

Nowadays modern thermodynamic steam traps have an inbuilt anti-air-binding disc which prevents air pressure building up on top of the disc and allows air to escape. The use of a thermodynamic trap in some locations may be prohibited because of the noise factor during the discharge of the trap.

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An efficient steam trap wastes less energy, which means you burn less fuel and reduce emissions. The results are energy savings and a cleaner, healthier environment. By helping companies manage energy, Armstrong steam traps are also helping protect the world we all share.